Hello, I’m Nicole!

Many people aren’t aware of the 23 billion dollar advertising specialty industry – selling logoed promos.  I am blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to work with clients all over the globe, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies on their marketing promotions.  Counselor Magazine (an industry mag) placed me on the “Industry Hot List” as someone who is  shaking up the advertising specialty industry today and making it a unique, successful, challenging and innovative sector.  So read on, and you decide.


Why TPD?

“The Promo Diaries” is a platform developed to share products I love with you quickly.  Visit Video Entries for short product demonstrations and check out Quick Ideas for something that surprised me when I was least expecting it.  Customers often ask me “what’s hot” and “what’s trending” and I share just that.


Boundless because…

Boundless is one of the fastest growing promotional products companies in the industry. We’re doing so with patented solutions such as Customer Portal, Portal Stores, and Group Buy™. These technology solutions are free to our customer base, and developed at our headquarters in tech savvy Austin, Texas. The amazing corporate team and network of 150 sales reps like me throughout the globe helps me save time with efficient marketing solutions from idea generation to delivery. Let’s be Boundless, together!

Suggest a Product to Feature

I'm always on the look out for new, exciting, unusual, high quality products to feature and recommend to my clients and colleagues. If you know of something I should feature in "The Promo Diaries", let me know!

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