Quality Metal Made in USA!

Quality Metal?  I know that is probably  not top of mind when thinking of an award, commemorative, office, or travel gift but the line from Wendell August is A-MAZ-ING!  The packaging is top notch, the weight of the product is heavy, and decoration method divine.  This would be a worthwhile investment for a piece that the end-recipient will truly treasure for a lifetime and pass down through generations.  Make your next award / announcement / retirement gift one from Wendell August.  To learn more contact me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.   PS. I am SO loving the new #drone intro!

Must Have – RuMe!

Do you want promos that have shelf life?  Enter RuMe!  They’re a retail brand found in Target and boutiques around the world.  RuMe has recently entered the promo industry — and boy am I so glad they did!  A few of my faves: the RuMe ID luggage tag (cool QR code feature on back), xPose tote (great for travel) and the TSA friendly amenity bag.  For additional ideas or pricing contact me nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.


Hartmann, Samsonite … Oh La La!

Let’s hope we all have an opportunity to purchase these for clients or team members, or attend an event where we receive one.  This diary entry shares a little more about the differences between Hartmann and the budget friendly alternative, Samsonite.  I love it when sets of luggage coordinate but aren’t too matchy matchy, which is why I am absolutely obsessed with the Hartmann Belted Wings tote and 360 degree Vigor Journey Spinner in Bronze.  For more details about this line contact me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.