My Latest FAVE: Ame & LuLu

It is sometimes hard for clients to understand, but I’m a gal that owns a lot of totes / handbags / luggage / etc.  I see many more that I don’t care to own or share with you in those same categories.  Frankly stated, I am kind of a bag snob.  Now enter Ame & LuLu, I am completely OBSESSED with their line.  It’s quality construction at a great price point.   They’ve got the ever-changing-pattern concept like Vera Bradley but the quality, in my humble opinion, is WAY better.  For more information email

Cozy Kanata Blankets & Quillows

It may still be summer, but end of summer is a great time to start planning for your fall promotions! With that in mind, a perfect gift for any occasion is one of the Kanata brand of blankets and quillows.  If you haven’t heard of a quillow, get up to speed with this Kanata diary entry.  For additional information or pricing email me at

Timbuk2 Custom Awesomeness

You have probably heard of Timbuk2 (retail brand with stores) but what you may not know is that they are in the ad specialty market and can be logoed with your brand!  Take the idea a step further and let’s make a completely custom one-of-a-kind piece made right here in USA (San Fran to be exact).   If you don’t have time for a custom made original, you could always choose from one of their insanely popular messenger bags or backpacks too!  To learn more contact me at

Custom USA Made Awesomeness
Custom USA Made Awesomeness