What’s in the name?

Everything, when you’re a brand.   Whether you’re establishing your own brand on an otherwise generic promo, or co-branding your company with an already established brand – we’ve got you covered.   Earlier this month the Boundless team met in our corporate hometown of Austin, Texas to visit with our top suppliers.   I was happy to be reminded on our trip of all of the name brands just one of our many suppliers carries!  Watch this quick video where my cameraman Hunter had a little fun at mine and DeShaun’s expense.   As always, don’t forget to subscribe!  Email me if you need more info:  nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

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Happy 2 Years!

It has been 2 years since joining Boundless with my trusty sidekick Hunter (project manager, cameraman etc.).  The clients who made the switch truly have loved the tech tools we have (like no one else …. ahem … patented).  We have realized that 100 brains ARE better than 1 (super high performing sales team).  We have made new clients and friends around the freakin’ globe.  It’s been a fast two years and I can’t wait to see what the next ten bring.  Thanks for the follow to Boundless, and thanks for the awesome 12 years in the promo industry y’all.

Throwback to our announcement video, one of my favorites and the first!  (Pre- Boundless Network change to ‘Boundless’).  Don’t forget to subscribe.