Well it’s not Vegas, but …

Another amazing event, this time at EME in Lake Buena Vista Florida (no one knows what EME stands for around here, but with a little research I found out it means ‘Executive Meeting Event’).  I am with another awesome Boundless sales rep, Noel (aka @papapromo), and we are having a great time meeting with new suppliers and thinking out side of the box.   So far for Day 1, we are pleasantly surprised.  Take a look at this video below (if you can’t see it,  click HERE).   Papa Promo says you should totally subscribe

Production note:  Traveling without my cameraman this trip, this video was produced on iPhone utilizing iMovie and a selfie stick.

Oh did you really want to see the VEGAS videos?  (Day 1 & Day 2)


Try Everything!

Have you ever said:  “Let’s slap a logo on this journal and be done with it?”  Probably not.  Have you ever received a beautiful journal that feels like a work of art?  Probably so.    Placing your standard logo on a journal is definitely a quick and easy way to get a promo in your end-recipients hand.   As Shakira says in this song, I encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone and ‘Try Everything.’  With just a little extra thought (not necessarily extra production days) we can customize the inside cover, include tip-in pages throughout the book, add special packaging with belly bands and more.  My supplier partners agree with me:  So many customers miss out on an opportunity to make your journal one your end-recipients keep forever.  For additional details or ideas for your next project, email me nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Can’t see this video?  Click HERE.