Most Creative in Promo (TEAM!)

I am thrilled and honored to be recognized as one of the Most Creative People in Promo by Advertising Specialty Institute and Counselor Magazine. I would be remiss if I didn’t share that the creativity both in promo and on this blog, is supported by an amazingly creative behind the scenes team! Thank you to Hunter Janda for his creative photo shoot (for this award and always), Wayne Hastings for his amazing skills designing my dream blog, and to my creative clients who push me every day.

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Photo cred: Hunter Janda
Photo cred: Hunter Janda

Award Winning Team (again!)

I’m pleased to share that this year at our National Sales Meeting, once again my amazing inside team was recognized as one of the top performing teams within the company (and dare I say, industry!).

Hunter Janda:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement & Survivalist Award (the person most likely to work day and night, through storms to get his job done)

Rebecca Litvin:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Traci McSwain:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Katie Reese:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

“Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher.”  – Oprah

Congrats Team!
Congrats Team!

So many brands, so little time.

It can be a little tricky when you need … ohh 10+ logos on one promotional item.  The problem is solved beautifully with this full wrap imprint on our Basecamp wide mouth vacuum insulated bottle.  It is one of my faves not only for the decoration superstardom, but also the hot/cold factor (hot for up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours).   Let’s just say, it’s a win-win.


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We Like Large Parties!

I just returned from San Antonio, Texas where we attended our Boundless National Sales Meeting (Founders).  We met with our top supplier partners to discover new product and lifestyle trends, brainstorm client opportunities, and learn more about the regulations that impact our industry.  There are so many fun, new products … click on the video below to see just a few of my faves!


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Coveted cell phone space …

I wish I had a crystal ball and had known about the marketing opportunities on your cell phone.

Gone are the days of custom iPhone cases and now enter … so many new variables for that coveted cell phone space!  One of the first promo items to market was the card holder silicone wallets that attached to the back of your case. This product category was and still continues to be perfect for hotel card keys and a few credit cards on a night out.   Then the cult-like following of the PopSockets happened, this is my personal fave for texting, kids watching movies, and holding the phone while running.   There is basically everything in between from leather wallets that have rings for easy texting, to silicone wallets with RFID and even the latest find – the sling grip in multiple sizes for all of your electronic devices.  Which one works best for your organization?  – Let’s talk!

The bottom line is, in your storage room or at your event, consider a cell phone promo a necessity along side that of your staple logoed pen.

Cell Phone Marketing

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