I’ve got a talent, if you’re interested.

If you’re good at what you do, why not tell people? I am not strong in the areas of history, science, or grammar (or many other subjects as my fifth grader would tell you). However, when it comes to the arena of promotional merchandise, I’ve got a very specific, unique, talent.

Maybe you cut your own hair, and do your own taxes. Maybe you’re a little bit good at a lot of things. However, if you want to have an amazing hair cut or clean tax return – you might just hire an expert. Shouldn’t the promo piece of your marketing job be the same?

Don’t just kind of think it’s going to work, ask someone who knows.

You have to want it first.

Dream Teams

What makes a dream team? As Shane Snow says in his book on the subject, the group does better than the sum of the parts, comprised of a difference in perspective (how we see a problem) and difference in heuristics (how we go about solving it).

Before my recent team building trip to Miami, I realized we had something special. I know each member brings a different strength to the table. After going on this adventure, where opportunities and problem solving (with clients) was put to the test – I realized, I truly do have the definition of a dream team. We all have the superordinate goal to grow with our clients and help them succeed, yet accomplish this in a variety of ways.

Touring the Carnival Horizon (a client) at the port of Miami.
Touring the Carnival Horizon (a client) at the port of Miami.

Happy New Year (of the Pig)

Every year about this time, I realize how important China is to the promotional products industry. While current political environments may change the dynamic (slightly), most of our big projects, big quotes, and longer lead time opportunities are on hold for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the factory.

While we wait for our prices to come back from China, let’s make a toast to the Year of the Pig – a year meant to bring wealth and prosperity to those who work hard.*

Year of the Pig


* According to a random website, I just went with that one because I liked it!

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The new products expo is always so fun, yet also very overwhelming because there is never enough time to see it all. Thanks to Hunter (on my team) for putting together a fun video of our favorite things from the show last week …

Let’s chat about 2019 opportunities! Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com. Click here for video if not showing above. .

And this post is dedicated entirely to …

Have you ever been at a tradeshow, and when you walked into a booth – there were suddenly songbirds singing, fresh air and cushy flooring? Well, basically that happened when I walked into the booth of our friends at Numo! Their cut & sew capabitlities are top notch, and they are right on trend with all the cool textured fabrics. I found myself wanting to sit at their faux desk, hang out at their couch, and will forever use ALL of their products … Let’s just say it’s a #winwin.

I want it all!
I want it all!

IMG_0969 (002)

Let’s talk cut & sew fun cool office, totes, lunch bags and more! Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Happy National Bobblehead Day!

I know you’ve seen them, Bobbleheads of anyone from MLB players to CEOs … either you or your children most likely have one. This little promo actually takes a lot of work, from both my team and corporate marketers, from virtual concept to final product (and usually at least 10 revisions).

The hard work is worth it when we have the opportunity to see the excitement when the CEO or player sees their very own bobblehead vision becoming a reality for the first time.

Front View

Side View

Interested in learning more? Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Favorite Things …

Well it’s not Canada Goose down (nor the price point) but it is still pretty awesome – Marmot jackets have taken our industry by storm. With so many options available in jackets, vests, and even backpacks – these are my top two (today). Interested in learning more? Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Available in both men and womens
Available in both men and womens
Marmot 2
Fave Backpack (Many Options Available!)
Fave Backpack (Many Options Available!)

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