Don’t forget this line item on the budget …

Many clients are well into planning for 1st and 2nd quarter 2019. What does your year look like? Will you have new hires, or perhaps growth with new clients? Will you be thanking VIPS? When the person signs on the dotted line to join your team or your cause, what do they receive?

A carefully planned welcome set can help increase brand love for your company, reduce buyers (decision) remorse, and sometimes even instill a bit of gratitude towards your company or initiative. When you’re reviewing that marketing or HR budget, be sure to save some money to welcome those that join you.

Customize a welcome kit for your audience
Customize a welcome kit for your audience

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Food Gifting 101

Whether you’re sending out food gifts to your clients, or on the receiving end at the corporate office – they are part of the holiday season year after year. Don’t be that person that sends the dreaded tin of stale (what are they, shortbread?) cookies that look 1980.

Let us help you wow your clients, teams, or their families with food gifts that stand out. My fave two years running are Sugarfina bento boxes, sure to surprise and delight just about anyone.

Sweet Success
Sweet Success

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This time of year everyone thinks about what we’re thankful for (and some over achievers post about it each day the month of November). I am most thankful for the journey that led to today. In all aspects, but I can especially pinpoint some stressful yet exciting major turns in my career, like when I choose to move to Boundless (nearly five years ago) from a small promo distributor. I remember worrying if the clients I had at the time would follow me to Boundless (and they did, thankyou!).

The industry has changed so much in the past 15 years I’ve been in it, and I expect it will continue to evolve. The small mom & pop shops will continue to be absorbed by the larger promotional companies, and the top tier will continue to fight neck and neck for the top accounts! I’m proud to be a part of that fight for the best clients, day in and day out (both to keep our current and earn new ones) with one of the top teams at Boundless, which is one of the largest promotional products companies in the $23 billion dollar industry.

With you, I will:
Be Epic.
Be Inspired.
Be Thankful.
Be Boundless.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!
Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

Supporting Warriors

With Veterans Day around the corner, I wanted to share details about the Basecamp(R) line of products. This line includes a variety of products from drinkware pieces to outdoorsy gifts, to messenger and laptop bags. With each Basecamp order, a portion of the proceeds support the Warrior Spirit Retreat.

Whether it’s warriors you want to give back to, or any other cause – be sure to share these goals with me and my team. We are here to find the right product, that might do more than just solve a promotional need.

Basecamp Backpack Basecamp Bottle Basecamp Detail

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We’ve all been there, you realize it eventually – whether it’s after you walk away from the car dealership and knew you didn’t get the best deal, or weeks later when the product or service ‘they’ promised wasn’t what ‘they’ said it was.

I had the opportunity to attend the Cruise World conference in Fort Lauderdale today and see clearly, the person in charge of the lanyards was oversold. Sure it’s not a car, but you still don’t need the clip on both the lanyard and the holder. The question is, did the buyer ask the salesperson to come in and fix it with the safety pin? They should have, and the better salesperson (if they realized it was a mistake) would have quickly offered the solution. With thousands of attendees, this is actually not an easy work-around. What type of salespeople do you work with?

Double bulldog clip promise ya!

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Promo Holidays

In the world of promos, every day feels like Christmas. We have the opportunity to share new products and send gifts to clients regularly, while my vendors are also sending me packages of promos each week. It’s always the season of giving and sharing in my line of work.

When it’s time for THE gift to give clients during this special time of year, I struggle like many of you. Each client means the world to me, but when there are many clients all over the world it can be a logistical challenge (and of course there’s the challenge to be creative!).

A Boundless colleague created these festive little lip balm sets that I am absolutely loving today! Are you like me and in need of a little inspiration for gifts for your VIPs, team, or clients? Check out the Boundless Holiday lookbook HERE.

Festive & Fun
Festive & Fun

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The Value Add

Sure, I’m in the promo business, and everywhere I look there are promotional products. They are in your world too, you just may not recognize it. The Tervis tumbler you’re drinking out of? The logo on your backpack? Promos are literally woven into your every day work and personal life.

I’m frequently asked – what do I do? I am in marketing. I source promotional merchandise for clients that represents their brand and delivers results. The merch engages audiences to interact or know the brand. Delivering results and channeling behaviors – is it hard to imagine it can be done with promos? Every time you drink out of The Biltmore coffee cup … you remember your journey to Biltmore and experiences of their brand. Every time you receive something “free” from a promotion, isn’t there a brief moment of thankfulness or WOW?! The more you like the gift received, the more you are thankful and likely to align yourself with that brand.

If the popsocket on your phone was bought at retail without a logo, someone missed an opportunity to market to you. If the safety initiative at work wasn’t backed up with free goodies reminding the team to be safe (weaving the message into the daily subconscious), the director of safety missed an opportunity. I know I’m right, and I can show you (you got it – with results).

Memories on my desk from a visit to the House of Representatives and an experience at Montage Resorts.  Matches courtesy of Delta Magazine.
Memories on my desk from a visit to the House of Representatives and an experience at Montage Resorts. Matches courtesy of Delta Magazine.

Makin’ Promos

This month we had the pleasure of visiting one of our top supplier partners at their factory in Tampa, FL. This factory has a whopping 750,000 square feet of space that houses $100M of domestic inventory. While there is certainly plenty of machinery involved with the logo development of your promo, most people are surprised at the amount of manual labor required to set-up the product for the machine. There are 3,500 employees at this one factory alone!

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Most Creative in Promo (TEAM!)

I am thrilled and honored to be recognized as one of the Most Creative People in Promo by Advertising Specialty Institute and Counselor Magazine. I would be remiss if I didn’t share that the creativity both in promo and on this blog, is supported by an amazingly creative behind the scenes team! Thank you to Hunter Janda for his creative photo shoot (for this award and always), Wayne Hastings for his amazing skills designing my dream blog, and to my creative clients who push me every day.

Read the article HERE.

Photo cred: Hunter Janda
Photo cred: Hunter Janda

Award Winning Team (again!)

I’m pleased to share that this year at our National Sales Meeting, once again my amazing inside team was recognized as one of the top performing teams within the company (and dare I say, industry!).

Hunter Janda:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement & Survivalist Award (the person most likely to work day and night, through storms to get his job done)

Rebecca Litvin:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Traci McSwain:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Katie Reese:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

“Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher.”  – Oprah

Congrats Team!
Congrats Team!