Boundless because…

Our team is comprised of amazingly talented individuals where we each have a complementing superpower. However, we couldn’t be the successful team we are today without our corporate team at Boundless behind the scenes. Boundless is the company we work for, and a division of parent company Zazzle.

The promotional products industry is a $23 billion dollar industry, and the combined revenues of Boundless and Zazzle lands us in the top 3 promotional distributor companies (without Zazzle, Boundless alone is still in the top 20). There are few major players in our market with the rest of the industry comprised of small local businesses.

Boundless’ strategic advantage is the development team, based at our tech savvy HQ in Austin, TX. Our unique ability to develop tech tools like portal and GroupBuy™ help the buyer experience as well as the streamlined back-end functionality for sales teams like mine to operate with factories around the world. While they are busy making my job easier and your online experiences flow smoothly for your unique needs, we’re busy making your job easier.

Nicole’s team + Boundless = Win-win.


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