I hate free stuff. Said no one.

Ever. I’m having a little contest, are you interested? What does a gal who is in promo sales receive at the promo company corporate meeting goody bag? It has to be awesome right? Perhaps even a step above the norm? (If you’re going to wow a person who always receives free stuff, you’ve really got to wow them … and they did).

The problem is, I’ve got no room in the promo closet for anything but client projects! Therefore, I’m giving my goody bag away to one lucky winner.

In order to be a contender, you need to:

(1) Follow #thepromodiaries on Instagram.

(2) Like my post on this topic on LinkedIn.

Best goody bag ever!
Cool stuff inside the bag too!

Winner will be notified on May 15th. Questions?
Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

It’s a Promo Party!

And who doesn’t love free stuff? I’m so thankful to be in the business of giving people “happies” and helping others give out happies (while generating return on investment, of course). Having an on-site promo party is one of the many ways we can bring the selection to your door (or, board room), learn about product trends, and meet the extended Boundless team!

Checking out apparel at Alpha Broder
Posing with promos at Sweda booth!
A crowd pleaser at ETS Express booth!

I’ve got a talent, if you’re interested.

If you’re good at what you do, why not tell people? I am not strong in the areas of history, science, or grammar (or many other subjects as my fifth grader would tell you). However, when it comes to the arena of promotional merchandise, I’ve got a very specific, unique, talent.

Maybe you cut your own hair, and do your own taxes. Maybe you’re a little bit good at a lot of things. However, if you want to have an amazing hair cut or clean tax return – you might just hire an expert. Shouldn’t the promo piece of your marketing job be the same?

Don’t just kind of think it’s going to work, ask someone who knows.

You have to want it first.

Dream Teams

What makes a dream team? As Shane Snow says in his book on the subject, the group does better than the sum of the parts, comprised of a difference in perspective (how we see a problem) and difference in heuristics (how we go about solving it).

Before my recent team building trip to Miami, I realized we had something special. I know each member brings a different strength to the table. After going on this adventure, where opportunities and problem solving (with clients) was put to the test – I realized, I truly do have the definition of a dream team. We all have the superordinate goal to grow with our clients and help them succeed, yet accomplish this in a variety of ways.

Touring the Carnival Horizon (a client) at the port of Miami.
Touring the Carnival Horizon (a client) at the port of Miami.

Happy New Year (of the Pig)

Every year about this time, I realize how important China is to the promotional products industry. While current political environments may change the dynamic (slightly), most of our big projects, big quotes, and longer lead time opportunities are on hold for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the factory.

While we wait for our prices to come back from China, let’s make a toast to the Year of the Pig – a year meant to bring wealth and prosperity to those who work hard.*

Year of the Pig


* According to a random website, I just went with that one because I liked it!

Need something made in the USA? Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.


This time of year everyone thinks about what we’re thankful for (and some over achievers post about it each day the month of November). I am most thankful for the journey that led to today. In all aspects, but I can especially pinpoint some stressful yet exciting major turns in my career, like when I choose to move to Boundless (nearly five years ago) from a small promo distributor. I remember worrying if the clients I had at the time would follow me to Boundless (and they did, thankyou!).

The industry has changed so much in the past 15 years I’ve been in it, and I expect it will continue to evolve. The small mom & pop shops will continue to be absorbed by the larger promotional companies, and the top tier will continue to fight neck and neck for the top accounts! I’m proud to be a part of that fight for the best clients, day in and day out (both to keep our current and earn new ones) with one of the top teams at Boundless, which is one of the largest promotional products companies in the $23 billion dollar industry.

With you, I will:
Be Epic.
Be Inspired.
Be Thankful.
Be Boundless.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work!
Team Work Makes the Dream Work!

The Value Add

Sure, I’m in the promo business, and everywhere I look there are promotional products. They are in your world too, you just may not recognize it. The Tervis tumbler you’re drinking out of? The logo on your backpack? Promos are literally woven into your every day work and personal life.

I’m frequently asked – what do I do? I am in marketing. I source promotional merchandise for clients that represents their brand and delivers results. The merch engages audiences to interact or know the brand. Delivering results and channeling behaviors – is it hard to imagine it can be done with promos? Every time you drink out of The Biltmore coffee cup … you remember your journey to Biltmore and experiences of their brand. Every time you receive something “free” from a promotion, isn’t there a brief moment of thankfulness or WOW?! The more you like the gift received, the more you are thankful and likely to align yourself with that brand.

If the popsocket on your phone was bought at retail without a logo, someone missed an opportunity to market to you. If the safety initiative at work wasn’t backed up with free goodies reminding the team to be safe (weaving the message into the daily subconscious), the director of safety missed an opportunity. I know I’m right, and I can show you (you got it – with results).

Memories on my desk from a visit to the House of Representatives and an experience at Montage Resorts.  Matches courtesy of Delta Magazine.
Memories on my desk from a visit to the House of Representatives and an experience at Montage Resorts. Matches courtesy of Delta Magazine.

Most Creative in Promo (TEAM!)

I am thrilled and honored to be recognized as one of the Most Creative People in Promo by Advertising Specialty Institute and Counselor Magazine. I would be remiss if I didn’t share that the creativity both in promo and on this blog, is supported by an amazingly creative behind the scenes team! Thank you to Hunter Janda for his creative photo shoot (for this award and always), Wayne Hastings for his amazing skills designing my dream blog, and to my creative clients who push me every day.

Read the article HERE.

Photo cred: Hunter Janda
Photo cred: Hunter Janda

Award Winning Team (again!)

I’m pleased to share that this year at our National Sales Meeting, once again my amazing inside team was recognized as one of the top performing teams within the company (and dare I say, industry!).

Hunter Janda:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement & Survivalist Award (the person most likely to work day and night, through storms to get his job done)

Rebecca Litvin:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Traci McSwain:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

Katie Reese:  Club Boundless Sales Achievement

“Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher.”  – Oprah

Congrats Team!
Congrats Team!

Award Winning Team

Earlier this month we attended our annual Founders event in our corporate hometown of Austin, TX.  Hundreds of Boundlessonians alongside our top suppliers gathered together to share best practices and learn from each other.  This video is part 1 of the Founders 2017 series and we can’t wait to share more.  Email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com, and be sure to follow me on instagram and subscribe for the latest updates!

Can’t see the video?  Click HERE.