The new products expo is always so fun, yet also very overwhelming because there is never enough time to see it all. Thanks to Hunter (on my team) for putting together a fun video of our favorite things from the show last week …

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And this post is dedicated entirely to …

Have you ever been at a tradeshow, and when you walked into a booth – there were suddenly songbirds singing, fresh air and cushy flooring? Well, basically that happened when I walked into the booth of our friends at Numo! Their cut & sew capabitlities are top notch, and they are right on trend with all the cool textured fabrics. I found myself wanting to sit at their faux desk, hang out at their couch, and will forever use ALL of their products … Let’s just say it’s a #winwin.

I want it all!
I want it all!

IMG_0969 (002)

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Happy National Bobblehead Day!

I know you’ve seen them, Bobbleheads of anyone from MLB players to CEOs … either you or your children most likely have one. This little promo actually takes a lot of work, from both my team and corporate marketers, from virtual concept to final product (and usually at least 10 revisions).

The hard work is worth it when we have the opportunity to see the excitement when the CEO or player sees their very own bobblehead vision becoming a reality for the first time.

Front View

Side View

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Favorite Things …

Well it’s not Canada Goose down (nor the price point) but it is still pretty awesome – Marmot jackets have taken our industry by storm. With so many options available in jackets, vests, and even backpacks – these are my top two (today). Interested in learning more? Email me at

Available in both men and womens
Available in both men and womens
Marmot 2
Fave Backpack (Many Options Available!)
Fave Backpack (Many Options Available!)

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Promos & the economy

In the world we live in, downturns are inevitable. I’m all for there not being a downturn any time soon; however, you can’t help but read the headlines and wonder if something is about to change. It’s pretty common knowledge that when there is a downturn, you’re not supposed to stop marketing. But why do people do it? I can see cutting some superbowl ads, but we don’t advise cutting the most cost effective marketing medium (promotional items)!

In 2008 I had the opportunity to be involved with many companies who took advantage of the downturn (their competitors slashing their marketing budgets). With the expectations that sales would slow, I followed my own advice and actually increased marketing and client-related travel spend. That year, working for a small/local promotional distributor, we ended up having our best year ever (at that time). The clients that we served pushed harder to gain visibility and market share, and thrived. As you plan for 2019 and fear the occasional downturn news, keep marketing – because at the end of the day, marketing is your voice and brings the results you want.

Throwback to 2009 … t-shirts for the Hampton conference!

Such a baby!
Such a baby!

Don’t forget this line item on the budget …

Many clients are well into planning for 1st and 2nd quarter 2019. What does your year look like? Will you have new hires, or perhaps growth with new clients? Will you be thanking VIPS? When the person signs on the dotted line to join your team or your cause, what do they receive?

A carefully planned welcome set can help increase brand love for your company, reduce buyers (decision) remorse, and sometimes even instill a bit of gratitude towards your company or initiative. When you’re reviewing that marketing or HR budget, be sure to save some money to welcome those that join you.

Customize a welcome kit for your audience
Customize a welcome kit for your audience

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