Promo Holidays

In the world of promos, every day feels like Christmas. We have the opportunity to share new products and send gifts to clients regularly, while my vendors are also sending me packages of promos each week. It’s always the season of giving and sharing in my line of work.

When it’s time for THE gift to give clients during this special time of year, I struggle like many of you. Each client means the world to me, but when there are many clients all over the world it can be a logistical challenge (and of course there’s the challenge to be creative!).

A Boundless colleague created these festive little lip balm sets that I am absolutely loving today! Are you like me and in need of a little inspiration for gifts for your VIPs, team, or clients? Check out the Boundless Holiday lookbook HERE.

Festive & Fun
Festive & Fun

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So many brands, so little time.

It can be a little tricky when you need … ohh 10+ logos on one promotional item.  The problem is solved beautifully with this full wrap imprint on our Basecamp wide mouth vacuum insulated bottle.  It is one of my faves not only for the decoration superstardom, but also the hot/cold factor (hot for up to 12 hours and cold for 24 hours).   Let’s just say, it’s a win-win.


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Coveted cell phone space …

I wish I had a crystal ball and had known about the marketing opportunities on your cell phone.

Gone are the days of custom iPhone cases and now enter … so many new variables for that coveted cell phone space!  One of the first promo items to market was the card holder silicone wallets that attached to the back of your case. This product category was and still continues to be perfect for hotel card keys and a few credit cards on a night out.   Then the cult-like following of the PopSockets happened, this is my personal fave for texting, kids watching movies, and holding the phone while running.   There is basically everything in between from leather wallets that have rings for easy texting, to silicone wallets with RFID and even the latest find – the sling grip in multiple sizes for all of your electronic devices.  Which one works best for your organization?  – Let’s talk!

The bottom line is, in your storage room or at your event, consider a cell phone promo a necessity along side that of your staple logoed pen.

Cell Phone Marketing

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Let’s rock some socks!

A few years ago we had 1 or 2 suppliers who made custom socks, now we have dozens … even main stream hard good suppliers are jumping on the logoed sock bandwagon.  On vacation with my family, we happened upon a sock store (which, coincidentally was utilizing all my fave sock vendors) and we all quickly became hooked.   I can’t wait to wear these new Wonder Woman socks to the gym!

Sock ideas …

> Senior Leaders giving interviews /presentations on stage

> Schools

> Healthcare

> Target Market Generation X, Y, Z (??)

> Cult followers of your brand!

Basically anywhere you want to spread brand love …  Let us help create some fun sock ideas that mesh well with your corporate identity.  Together we’ll make the perfect pair.

My hero
My hero


The ‘SWAG’ debate …

I live in the promo world and most people tend to call promotional merchandise ‘SWAG’ (stuff we all get).   Yes there are plenty of times where that budget pen or key chain flashlight is needed, and in those instances I would also call it SWAG.  More recently, people are interested in the unique and memorable.  Incorporating your brand into the lifestyle of the recipients is not only beneficial to marketers like myself and our clients, but more desirable to the end recipients of course.   Call it staying power, ROI, power of promotions … at Boundless, we call it Brand Love.  Let’s make your next promotion memorable, contact me for more details,

A decorative, functional piece but more importantly a memory of their favorite wine.
A decorative, functional piece but more importantly a memory of their favorite wine.
A gift of gratitude?  This cruise line gives blank cards to their travel agents (who in turn utilize to thank their cruisers)...
A gift of gratitude? This cruise line gives blank cards to their travel agents (who in turn utilize to thank their cruisers)…


Coolest. Calendar. Ever.

Can your calendar do this?  Consider a paper calendar for 2018, but one up it with a digital component and ability to easily measure ROI.  This little number, available in a variety of sizes and styles will be sure to turn heads (not to mention, sure to add additional messaging opportunities!).

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Makin’ my head SPIN!

By now we all know about fidget spinners, so OF COURSE they should be logoed!  Let us brand them with your logo before the fad (or incoming stock availability) is gone …

Coming to a desktop near you!
Coming to a desktop near you!

If you’re still in the mood to be cool (pun intended), another spinning necessity is the USB cell phone fan.  With the world’s temperature increasing, I don’t foresee this popular product going anywhere anytime soon.

Stay cool, my friends!
Stay cool, my friends!


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It’s time … to reinvent gifting

Every year for the holidays, I am challenged to not only help clients with their holiday gifting needs but also wow them with a gift from yours truly.  And of course we have to one up the year before!  I encourage clients to think outside of the box and really dig into the audience of the intended recipients … For example, with Round Pond Estates Olive Oil & Vinegar – it is not “main stream” (pun intended) and can be tailored for you and your client gifting needs.  If your budget allows, upgrade to wine too!  Email me at for additional info.


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Feel the Light!

I received this pen sample today, and quickly realized that the website image or catalog page does NOT do it justice!  Love love love it so much (and it’s super affordable too) that I just had to do a quick iMovie demo of the 3 in 1 functionality (pen, stylus, light).  Enjoy!  Need more info? Email me at

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The Bridge: Old school to new school

What is the bridge from old school to new school … a webkey of course!  There was a time years ago when webkeys were introduced into the promotional marketplace.  They looked just like USB drives and people were confused.  Now-a-days companies are utilizing these thin direct mailer type products for a direct to website key.   If you white label sites for others in the digital marketplace, a webkey is a no-brainer.  If you are promoting a new website, new feature, new page on your site – again, webkey is the way to go.   People receive so much content in their email feeds or ads on facebook, they don’t take the time to read it anymore.  Let us help you make the most out of your piece with effective and intriguing content around and design of the actual key – that arrives in their mailbox.  If people trust your brand, they will put it in their computer.

It's magic.