Well it’s not Vegas, but …

Another amazing event, this time at EME in Lake Buena Vista Florida (no one knows what EME stands for around here, but with a little research I found out it means ‘Executive Meeting Event’).  I am with another awesome Boundless sales rep, Noel (aka @papapromo), and we are having a great time meeting with new suppliers and thinking out side of the box.   So far for Day 1, we are pleasantly surprised.  Take a look at this video below (if you can’t see it,  click HERE).   Papa Promo says you should totally subscribe

Production note:  Traveling without my cameraman this trip, this video was produced on iPhone utilizing iMovie and a selfie stick.

Oh did you really want to see the VEGAS videos?  (Day 1 & Day 2)


Try Everything!

Have you ever said:  “Let’s slap a logo on this journal and be done with it?”  Probably not.  Have you ever received a beautiful journal that feels like a work of art?  Probably so.    Placing your standard logo on a journal is definitely a quick and easy way to get a promo in your end-recipients hand.   As Shakira says in this song, I encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone and ‘Try Everything.’  With just a little extra thought (not necessarily extra production days) we can customize the inside cover, include tip-in pages throughout the book, add special packaging with belly bands and more.  My supplier partners agree with me:  So many customers miss out on an opportunity to make your journal one your end-recipients keep forever.  For additional details or ideas for your next project, email me nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Can’t see this video?  Click HERE.

What’s in the name?

Everything, when you’re a brand.   Whether you’re establishing your own brand on an otherwise generic promo, or co-branding your company with an already established brand – we’ve got you covered.   Earlier this month the Boundless team met in our corporate hometown of Austin, Texas to visit with our top suppliers.   I was happy to be reminded on our trip of all of the name brands just one of our many suppliers carries!  Watch this quick video where my cameraman Hunter had a little fun at mine and DeShaun’s expense.   As always, don’t forget to subscribe!  Email me if you need more info:  nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

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PPAI Vegas Encore – Day 2!

There was so much content to review, it was difficult to wrap the PPAI expo in this day 2 video. Favorites on the second 8 miles of exhibits include SIGG bottles, Keepsake boxes, and a cool new Aroma Wrap. For additional details on any of the products shown, contact me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com. Can’t get enough? I’d sure love it if you subscribe.

Vegas Winners – Day 1 PPAI Expo

With over 1M sq. ft of space we walked miles and miles all day scouting out new products at the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Expo. The winners from day 1 include virtual keyboards, mophie chargers, and inflatable furniture! For more details on any of the products shown, contact me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com. Don’t want to miss out on Vegas Day 2? Be sure to subscribe!

My Latest FAVE: Ame & LuLu

It is sometimes hard for clients to understand, but I’m a gal that owns a lot of totes / handbags / luggage / etc.  I see many more that I don’t care to own or share with you in those same categories.  Frankly stated, I am kind of a bag snob.  Now enter Ame & LuLu, I am completely OBSESSED with their line.  It’s quality construction at a great price point.   They’ve got the ever-changing-pattern concept like Vera Bradley but the quality, in my humble opinion, is WAY better.  For more information email nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Cozy Kanata Blankets & Quillows

It may still be summer, but end of summer is a great time to start planning for your fall promotions! With that in mind, a perfect gift for any occasion is one of the Kanata brand of blankets and quillows.  If you haven’t heard of a quillow, get up to speed with this Kanata diary entry.  For additional information or pricing email me at nmcnamee@boundlessnetwork.com.

Canyon Outback Bear Grylls Spoof (Part 1 of 2)

Creative or crazy?  I can’t decide.  Regardless the products shown in this diary entry from Canyon Outback are top notch.  I personally love the canvas backpack perfect for the outdoorsman (woman) or city dweller!  The rifle case is one every hunter will drool over – available in a variety of price points and complementing pieces.   Let’s start planning for hunting season with these great products from Canyon Outback.