Getting Started in Promo Marketing

Don’t make a $10,000 mistake.

You’ve ordered the SWAG bags and they are delivering straight to your hotel for that PR event. There are thousands of things you’re planning and the promo items are the last of your worries. You uploaded the logo to a miscellaneous online site and felt like it was quick, easy, and a deal.

Fast forward to the event. Open the boxes and – oh my – purple?! You didn’t order purple, and that’s not the correct use of the logo. The event is tomorrow and there is no time to fix it. What will you do?

We’ve seen people like you, make mistakes that are big. Job defining big. Each project is unique. Each logo and decoration method is different. For the same (or less money), you can hire a team of experts and know that your product will arrive on budget, on time, and with the correct logo. As a job-defining-bonus, everyone will love the product you give out and your audience, team, and boss will love you for it. We have customers for life. Our customers become friends, our friends become customers.

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