I had the most amazing calls with two clients today!  One called from Florida, who works for a cruise company.  Another called from France (and will not be able to return home to Virginia for another month).  They called to check on me, my family, and the health of Boundless.  Wow.  Talk about show stoppers.  I’ve been so worried about them, and they too are worried about me, my team, and our company.  How lucky am I to have clients like these?

The truth is, this time is so unique and strange but people and humanity are connecting in different ways than I ever could have imagined.  My youngest son, John Carrick, is now officially a “you tuber” and has his own channel.  We’ve been talking about doing it “one day” for at least two years.  His first video started out pretty weak and he didn’t speak up or into the camera – but by video four he’s encouraging people to like, subscribe, and comment with confidence in his voice.  My older son, Miles, has figured out how to live stream his gaming on Twitch.  His first stream was monotone and he was scared to show his face cam – but now he’s also showing confidence and his face!  Of course in both scenarios I’m a bit panicked about the world outside and how they will be received – but it’s opening up conversations about “haters” and “dislikes” and how we choose to process that information.

I would never have wished this pandemic upon us, but I would have never have had the opportunity to see my children set themselves up for success in the online platforms.  It’s truly amazing.  I hope you can take a moment to count your blessings.  Whether it is something simple like food is on the table, or that you can call on me as your friend – let’s help humanity with good news and thankfulness.