I have to admit, this is the most surreal St. Patrick’s Day I’ve ever had.  I feel like the world around us has slowed down, and in some of my clients cases, literally stopped moving completely for 30 days.

So in this time, we can choose to PAUSE.  We can also slow down, get extra hours of sleep, spend time splashing in puddles with our kids or actually reading the recipe in its entirety when we cook dinner tonight.

It’s not VS.  It’s AND/ALSO

During this time, let’s ALSO be proactive.  While you’re cleaning out your closets or your inboxes, let’s ALSO think about this summer and the projects you will need to complete when things are up and running again.  Time is on our side, so why not evaluate overseas production promotional items with custom bells & whistles for that football themed gift?

An economic adviser I trust (who works for the big guns on Wall Street) told me, think of this pause more like 9/11 and less like 1987.  It is terrible, and people are dying.  But we will be better and stronger as a country afterwards.  Let’s also be better and stronger individuals and marketers afterwards.  That’s what I’ll be doing – are you with me?