It was an amazing few days at the Loew’s Coronado Resort in San Diego last week where I had the opportunity to network with senior leaders from our supplier factories.

Topics regarding tariffs, order error rates, scaling up (in the age of acquisitions) and how cyber security issues can take down a company in hours.  What was the best topic?  How one lady, who was down on her sales in Louisiana, reached out and won the Presidential account.   An impressive person who not only had the guts to invest and pitch ideas to then Mr. Trump running for president, but now has also put a program in place for all Republican candidates for each election.  She worked hard for what she believes in, resulting in a story of inspiration regardless of the political line you’re on …

(If you can’t find me in the Where’s Waldo pic, I’m front center-fifth from the right).

Photo Credit:  ASI | Jake Krolick