The PPAI expo this year was, like many of you are also experiencing at your meetings and events, virtual and surreal.  I have to admit, the pre-show gift box was on point (as it should be, given our industry).   The event planners did a fantastic job coordinating a platform that could handle 9,000 people traveling around to 500 virtual booths over the course of 4 days.

While our travel expense may be down, our sample expense has almost covered the difference.  We have ordered hundreds of samples and are now waiting for the deliveries each day.  We look forward to showing them with you!

It was awesome to “walk” many more showrooms without achy feet, although I was disappointed to not have the opportunity to travel the show room floor with one of my hundred team members from Boundless.   It didn’t feel the same this year, but regardless there are many amazing new products and exciting product use stories (as shown on the Nic’s Picks pages).

Note:  Pictures shown are from previous years, where our team would literally sit on a hallway floor to catch up on emails in between walking the new products show all day!