Are your hands dry from sanitizer yet? Mine are.  

We can all agree that a new era of handwashing has begun, and with that – a new (or renewed) popularity for boutique soaps. It’s the time to be memorable with something functional and elegant.

I’m pleased to announce that we now have Soapbox(R) and Beekman(R) brands of quality soap. Soapbox brings the SOAP = HOPE campaign to our audience, which for every Soapbox product you purchase, we, together, donate a bar of soap to someone in need either state-side or abroad. Beekman, focuses on all natural ingredients inspired by the 215 year-old Beekman farm and community in Upstate New York.

Both brands are available in decorated gift set packaging in a variety of styles and budgets. Consider these gifts for your work at home team, your returning to work team, VIP gifting and so much more!

Take care, be well.