I product test a lot of products in my line of work.  I’ve seen a lot, tossed a lot, and shared with you my favorites.  For some reason, it seems I’ve “experienced” a variety of personal charging devices both for myself and my family.  (Not to mention the amazing stream of constant client feedback!).  This charger made by Powerstick brand is 9,000 mAh battery power.   It works for every single device style and it has a wall plug for charging itself back up!

Let’s talk about the wall charger piece:  When you’re charging in the hotel room or at home, there is no need for your home wall plug (or cords, for that matter).  It’s an all-in-one win/win.  I throw it in my purse every day and it’s a must have when traveling.

Last but not least I should not forget to mention LIFETIME guarantee WITH LOGO!  (Tervis Tumbler has an amazing lifetime guarantee but they send you a blank sample replacement, the logo feature is way better when investing in your brand).  It also is available with custom zipper case packaging or boxed packaging.  For the beautiful perfect charger in my favorite things, it definitely deserves amazing packaging.