Did you know 78% of consumers own logoed drinkware?*

The drinkware category is not going away anytime soon …  This Basecamp version, pictured above, is still one of my absolute favorites.  It allows chisel decoration as well as full color full wrap around the bottle.  A portion of the proceeds of the sales for Basecamp items are donated to fund the Warrior Spirit Retreat.

Things to consider when purchasing your drinkware piece:

  1.  Decoration method
  2.  Size
  3.  Special secondary messaging (i.e. Basecamp value-add)
  4.  Will your ice cubes fit through the top?
  5.  Does it need to fit under a water spout or Keurig machine at the office?
  6.  How many hours does it need to keep your drinks hot / cold?  (Realistically, a mug that keeps your coffee hot for 24 hours is a bit unnecessary … who takes that long to drink coffee anyway?)

Let’s chat through this to figure out the best drinkware piece for your audience!

*Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2019, All Rights Reserved.