I have gone through all the stages of grief with COVID-19 and requirements for PPE.  I was definitely in denial that we would get to this point or need to wear it regularly, but here we are.  Thankfully, the promotional products industry is evolving at Mach speed.  First it was blank masks, then logoed masks, and now variety of materials for logoed masks and even kits!

Jet Blue has made the decision that all employees and passengers will wear (logoed) face masks.  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is attempting to patent their version of a ‘SeaFace’ mask.  These companies are on the fast track.  While I sat in denial for a hot minute, I definitely realize they are on the right track.  Whether you are a small business, a realtor, a local bank, or a big name brand – face masks are going to be a necessity for the near future.

… And here presents an opportunity, a canvas, for aligning with a brand or making a statement.  If a tote bag has 3,300 impressions*, how many impressions do you think a face mask will have?   This should be your logo, your hashtag, your message to your consumer and their circles.   Let’s chat! 

*Source:  ASI Global Impressions Study 2019  (3,300 impressions for the life of the tote)