Just kidding, alcohol will not keep you warm!   The saying is an urban legend, as alcohol actually decreases your body’s ability to shiver (according to insider.com).  Regardless, these cocktail kits are super fun and can be personalized with your messaging and logo with a custom belly band around the exterior.  Available in a variety of drink mixes, they make the perfect in-room drop, pre or post event gift, or perhaps a tradeshow give-away.

Promotional products are one of the most effective advertising mediums.  According to the ASI Global Ad Impressions Study, promos are THE most highly regarded form of advertising (ahead of  newspaper, radio, T.V., and digital).  The study goes on to state, households own, on average, 30 promotional products!  The key is not just going online and buying the next logoed pen you see thanks to a google search of paid ads.  It’s thinking through the goals you’re wanting to achieve and understanding what your audience wants.

Having a trusted partner like my team at Boundless, we can walk you through that process and help you maximize the effectiveness of the promotion.  We will help you measure the return on investment, meanwhile hoping to become a trusted resource for you behind the scenes again and again.   Are you ready to join us?