Whether you are Hershey candy, Charmin, Hunter Fan, non-essential medical supply company or _______.  You, like me, are thinking about how you stay relevant in front of your customers.

First and foremost, it’s about your health and their health.  Once we’ve established everyone is OK, this is still not the taime for sales blitzes.  There are no massive RFPs to outfit large buildings with new cubicles (for example).  How does the cubicle manufacturer stay in front of their client?

This, my friends, is my area of expertise.  I’m so thankful to be having these heart to heart discussions with clients about how they stay in front (but don’t push) their brand to their extremely specific audiences during these unprecedented times.

As the work force is quickly becoming an ‘at home’ work force, consider these picks this week:

  • Instead of the normal logo trouser socks we opt for fuzzy, cozy, socks (with a note from the CEO) to your team working from home.
  • If your customers attended a virtual tradeshow or zoom meeting with you recently, send them a packet of seeds.  (In case you missed it, there is an increase in chicken purchases for at-home chicken coops and more people will be growing their own vegetables, consistent with all economic downturns).

I’ve mentioned before, but in case you missed it – we’re here if you need us.  Whether it’s helping your business succeed or just to talk to an old friend.