We’ve all been there, you realize it eventually – whether it’s after you walk away from the car dealership and knew you didn’t get the best deal, or weeks later when the product or service ‘they’ promised wasn’t what ‘they’ said it was.

I had the opportunity to attend the Cruise World conference in Fort Lauderdale today and see clearly, the person in charge of the lanyards was oversold. Sure it’s not a car, but you still don’t need the clip on both the lanyard and the holder. The question is, did the buyer ask the salesperson to come in and fix it with the safety pin? They should have, and the better salesperson (if they realized it was a mistake) would have quickly offered the solution. With thousands of attendees, this is actually not an easy work-around. What type of salespeople do you work with?

Double bulldog clip promise ya!

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